AD network business

We offer “afb,” a proprietary affiliate marketing platform we have developed for PCs, tablets, smartphones and mobile phones.

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which an operator of a website (a home page, blog, mail magazine, etc.), called an “partner,” earns a commission from a client for displaying an advertisement of the client’s product or service on the partner’s website.

afb: an affiliate marketing platform

A cumulative total of approximately 910,000 partner websites are networked via afb. Originally developed for PCs, afb now supports tablets, smartphones and mobile phones. Affiliate marketing platform user surveys have ranked afb No. 1 six years in a row in the “% of most satisfied users” category.

Top earning partners have ranked afb No. 1 among affiliate marketing platforms nine years in a row, showing their trust in the platform; clients also find afb attractive because of the ease of sending client ads to affiliate websites using afb.

■ 2015~2020
User satisfaction survey ranked afb No. 1 among affiliate marketing platforms in the “% of most satisfied users” category.

■ 2013~2021
Top earning partners (earning 500,000 yen or more per month) ranked afb No. 1 among affiliate marketing platforms in the “most satisfied” category. (Based on surveys by Affiliate marketing association JAPAN.)

Smile Mall

Happy ★ Return is now Smile Mall!

You receive points when you do shopping, answer questionnaires, register for services and free memberships, etc. on Smile Mall. The points can be exchanged for cash or gift certificates.

Global Activities

Building on our success fee-based advertisement platform experience in Japan, we now offer affiliate marketing platform services globally.

As a general advertising agency, we also provide a variety of support services tailored to each country and region.

Webridge: a global affiliate marketing platform

Webridge is a success fee-based advertisement platform (an affiliate services provider) designed to support Japanese companies’ overseas market entry efforts by helping them build fast market recognition of their products (or services) through exposure to advertising media popular in the overseas markets.

By using our know-how gained through experience in Japan and the knowledge of a variety of overseas advertising media, we provide our clients with support services including preparation of marketing strategies and methods, list of suitable advertising media, multilingual translation services, etc. that closely match the characteristics and needs of overseas markets and consumers.

Support services provided to date in: Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

bibibi: an affiliate marketing media services for Taiwan

We operate our own website in Taiwan for acquiring knowledge needed for implementing effective marketing. We provide Taiwan net users with high-quality content through the website. We also assist advertisers by solving a variety of marketing problems.

Trans-border EC services

We assist our clients in all aspects of trans-border EC activities from store opening in trans-border EC malls, EC store and LP design to payment and delivery.
We offer expert support services in entering the large but difficult-to-enter trans-border EC market in China as well as Southeast Asia trans-border EC markets including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

SNS operation support services
This is a one-stop-shopping service in which we use our client’s official SNS site to stimulate market recognition, branding, all the way to actual purchasing.
We work very closely with our clients to achieve our clients’ objectives by sharing our rich record of success across a variety of industries and markets.

International influencer PR services
We offer PR services by using prominent influencers and popular KOLs in international markets.
We can meet diverse client needs from the usual SNS postings, experience articles, video shooting to live streaming. So, tell us your needs.

Influencer DX business

"Influencer DX," a success fee-based matching service we have jointly developed with BitStar, Inc., connects influencers and advertisers.
Through the service, available exclusively from afb, advertisers can access about 4,000 influencers and ask them to launch promotional activities.

Influencer DX

In May 2020 we signed a capital and business tie-up agreement with BitStar, Inc. which operates one of Japan’s largest influencer networks, “BitStar Network.”

“Influencer DX,” a success fee-based matching service connecting influencers and advertisers we have jointly developed with BitStar, Inc., enables advertisers to automatically select influencers best suited to promote the advertisers’ products and services from among about 4,000 BitStar Network-registered influencers and directly ask them to launch promotional activities.

The service also lets advertisers measure and visualize each influencer’s characteristics, influence, promotional power, etc. related to the values of the advertiser’s products and services so that the advertisers can use the data in future marketing strategies.

CRO Services

We offer HITOTSUNAGU CRO, a conversion rate optimization (maximization) service we have developed in-house, to clients across a broad range of industries including merchandising, recruitment, beauty salons and goods as well as finance.

What is CRO?
CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a process that systematically improves website visitors’ behavior to optimize (maximize) the percentage of the visitors who take desired actions, such as purchasing goods or services.

HITOTSUNAGU CRO: a conversion rate optimization service

This service systematically improves website visitors’ behavior to optimize (maximize) the percentage of the visitors who take desired actions, such as purchasing goods or services.


※HITOTUSNAGU LPO … Performs automatic LP optimization by using A/B testing tools; also includes some Heatmap features.

※HITOTUSNAGU ARI … Performs CV promotion by displaying scenario-based popups to prevent visitor exits.

※HITOTUSNAGU Heatmap … Analyzes website visitor behavior through visualization.

Website M&A Services

We offer matching services to both individuals and companies for buying and selling a variety of websites including EC sites, affiliate marketing sites, blogs, etc.

We were ranked No. 1 among matching services in terms of the number of transactions successfully completed in 2020 (*1, *2).

(*1) Based on M&A cases posted on matching services websites in the first quarter (January 1~March 31) of 2020.
(*2) Tabulated successfully closed cases through April 30, 2020 assuming that posting and closure took an average of one month.


This service matches a seller who owns an attractive website but finds it difficult to operate it with a buyer who wants to save the time and cost of building a website from scratch.

We have a track record of successfully closing large transactions as well as exclusive transactions. A variety of websites including EC sites, affiliate marketing sites, blogs, etc. are currently in our portfolio of offerings.

Outdoor Tech business

With the mission of "contributing to society by revitalizing local communities through outdoor activities," we provide outdoor activities information and campsite reservation services to connect outdoor activities lovers in Japan and overseas with local communities mainly through the Internet.

TAKIBI: an outdoor activities information website

A website that provides outdoor activities information focused mainly on camping and fishing.
We provide the latest news on outdoor activities as well as information on outdoor recreational facilities and camping equipment the TAKIBI editorial staff has tried out.

Campsite reservation through TAKIBI
This campsite reservation website offers information on about 3,000 sleeping accommodations such as campsites and cottages located throughout Japan, matching a broad range of camping styles, from “glamping” that offers easy camping experience to beginners, to the standard “auto camping.”

The website can be viewed in multiple languages so the tourists visiting Japan can easily find information on sightseeing spots and tourist attractions in Japan.